How To Sew A Pillowcase With Flap

How To Sew A Pillowcase With Flap. Then, turn over, with the right side of the fabric up, and measure 8 inches down from the top edge. Sew right along the lower folded edge and iron flat.

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Sew the 3 sides of the pillowcase and the flap. How to make a pillowcase with flap and french seams 1) cut your fabric. Fold the fabric here and press it down.

Cushions Often Don’t Have Flaps, But Most Pillowcases In The Bedroom Do So It Is A Good Idea To Learn This Technique.

Turn the pillow inside out. Sew right along the lower folded edge and iron flat. Just pine the two pieces together with right sides facing:

Try A Tension Of 4.

Place a pin at each side, to mark the 8 inch measurement. Finally, just insert the pillow into your pillow case and hide the edge under the flap. It is easiest to get it correctly.

You Need To Cut The Pocket Edge To Meet Up With The Other Edge But Cut It 3Cm Longer For The Hem.

Fold it in between the front piece and the back piece. Turn over the edge by 1.5cm and 1.5cm again, then stitch down. Hem 1 short edge on both pieces (see arrows).

Now, Use Sewing Pins To Mark And Tag Your Guide For The Seam Allowance And Then Just Sew The Two Remaining Sides.

With the “wrong” side facing up, fold 1 short edge by 2/8″ (0.6cm), and fold again by 3/8″ (1cm). The extra fabric is the inner flap. For the pillowcase size 50×50 cm, the flap would be 15 cm, for 80×80 cm 20 cm or more what you decide yourself.(for this post i have sewed pillowcases for a small pillow, size 37×37 cm and for the flap i measured 12 cm.) to make nice finished seams, on both edges fold 1 cm of fabric down and then 1 cm more (2 cm for the hem).

Believe It Or Not, This Creates A Perfectly Straight “Cut” Along The Grainline!

One of the short edges will already be hemmed and the other has a large pocket to slip your pillowcase in. From here on out it’s pretty simple. The standard size of a pillowcase is 30 inches by 20 inches, but it can be that your pillowcases are a little.

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