How To Return Spectrum Internet Equipment

How To Return Spectrum Internet Equipment. Seal the box properly and send it to spectrum. Equipment can also be returned to your local spectrum store.

Spectrum Equipment Return How To Avoid Additional Fees from

Spectrum is in charge of everything. Properly seal the box and send it to spectrum. How to return spectrum internet equipment.if there is a problem with your final bills, spectrum will still assist you.

How To Return Spectrum Internet Equipment.if There Is A Problem With Your Final Bills, Spectrum Will Still Assist You.

Check that the equipment is still sealed in the same packaging that you received it in. They will not charge you any fees for returning the equipment, just like ups. Spectrum stipulates that in order to return your equipment for internet or television, you can use a few options including a store drop off in person, fedex return, ups return, or equipment pick up.

I Returned It Through Ups Since There Wasn't A Spectrum Store In My Area.

A receipt will be given to you to help you track the equipment shipping and. The commonly held belief is that spectrum will arbitrarily decide to forget you returned your equipment years down the road in a malicious power trip and send you to collections to extort more money out of you. First, disconnect the equipment and the cables that need to be returned.please note that any power supply units and ac adapter cords also need to be, carefully place all of the equipment being returned into the box (es) you are.

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Meanwhile i download and read the upgrade instructions so i am ready to go and dig out the old box to return the old modem. Seal the box properly and send it to spectrum. You can either drop it off at their local store or mail it back to them.

It Says 4 Or 5 Business Days For Delivery.

Nothing after 2 weeks, finally i go to support and go through all the hoops to get on a chat where after 10 minutes or so the support. While the menu won’t give you the actual name of the department, you can reach retention by choosing the option to downgrade or cancel your service. Finally, deliver the package to your local postal service.

Seal The Box Properly And Send It To Spectrum.

Failure to return the equipment may result in additional charges on your account. When you cancel your spectrum internet service, you have to return all of the equipment you were using to receive the service. Docsis 2.0 wifi gateway devices (this is a modem/router combo) use your return label (if your spectrum equipment came with one) and attach it to a cardboard shipping box that is free of old labels.

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